Tip: How To Live In The Moment

How To Live In The Moment

How to live in the moment. Let’s talk insanity, I known what your thinking what does insanity have to do wit living in the moment. Well, the moment consist of the right now. Ask your self, “how often do you realy live in the moment?” Most of us spend more time in the past or in the future that we ignore the present.

There is so much power in the now because this is the place where manifestation takes place. This is the place your thoughts have power. This is the place you create the life you want. Dwelling on the past and/or worrying about the future is a temporary state of insanity because neither place exist. The only place that exist is right now, and I’m about to show you how to train yourself to live in the now. So that you can design the life you always wanted.

Live In The Now


Take a shower and focus on nothing but that shower. Feel the water against your skin, breathe in the steam from the shower head. Feel the water as it flows from your head to your feet rolling off youe body back into the drain. We thik about everythig in the shower except for actually taking a shower it’s like we are running on auto pilot thinking about where we are headed and what we will wear and god knows what else. but one thing we are not thinking about is the shower. When was the last time you were present for the shower you were taking? Doing this little exercise will train you to live in the moment.

Once you have mastered living in the moment it will be easier to manifest exactly what you want. Remember the only place that exist is the right now! But, I ain’t the one o Gossip!