“The Expansion of the Chakras & Rise of Kundalini Inner-G”-

The Expansion of the Chakras & Rise of Kundalini Inner-G

The Expansion of the Chakras & Rise of Kundalini Inner-G : Let’s get a few things cleared up here. First of all, #NASA is lying about life in general. So all the BS about greenhouse-C02 gasses, over population, and whatever other wizardry (that western ideology is the main cause of) isn’t worth discussing. In addition, our Sun isn’t a burning ball of fire a gazillion miles away ? It’s a transmitter of information that dictates planetary genetic codices, universal intention and a dimensional gateway on the interlocking vertices grid of planes of existence known as the cosmic tree of life. However, it does have a “Physical” existence to it, because our universe is “Omni-jective” (both mental and physical).

It’s important to over-stand that a dimension is a quantitative measurement of encapsulated light that produces a consistent rate of vibration. The principle of “Heat” creates expansion. It allows transmutation and circulation. So, the more light/heat we receive, the more expansive the dimension can become, and the higher the vibratory rate.

Now, the heat you feel is the vibration emitted from the transmitter via oscillating scalar waves of energy that becomes light once interfaced with the compressed hydrogen envelope that encapsulates us in this realm, and the other elements that make up the ionosphere… Before entering this plane, as the wave energy travels through the space-time ether, it collects the DNA building data being manifested in the etheric womb that equivocate to cosmid’s, plasmids and fullerenes.

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These particulates are downloaded through this cosmic eco system by means of vehicular light. Once the pulsating energy aggregates with those atmospheric particles, it produces multi-spectrum, informative light which our Melanin absorbs, and converts into communicative bio-photonic vitality. We previously were only able to perceive 7 spectrums of light (one for each Chakra) due to the degeneration in our physiology. However, each chakra has its own chakra system, complete with additional calibrating UV spectrums to interface with. 

The Expansion of the Chakras & Rise of Kundalini Inner-G

We’re now able to harness the 7 main chakras, the interwoven chakras, and we’re beginning to cultivate the rarely discussed #BlackChakra, which is the Prima-materia your #RootChakra is planted in (Zero Point/Earth). Over-stand, all color/life/energy is permeated from the primordial blackness, so reconnecting with the Primal-Mother Chakra is part of the #DivineFeminine healing energy. Our Universal alignment is broadcasting waves of new light coded information, and our bodies have to re-pattern themselves in order to properly receive it. Those in tune are able to perceive new colors, hear new pitches/sounds, and have a heightened sense of awareness due to this expansion in Chakra energy during this quickening period.

The Earths CircadianRhythm is undulating at a faster pace because of the new frequency being projected by our Sun, and the other hyper-dimensional plane of existence that’s visually present in our solar network (Nib-Heru). That’s one of MANY reasons the government is attempting to cover up the sky with atmospheric aerosol injections known as chemtrails.

Nevertheless, this new light is activating your energy centers and causing a world wide KundaliniRising in the ORIGINAL serpent people of the earth, creating this phenomenon of “Global Warming”. I say this all the time, when the body becomes ill, it heats up as a defense mechanism against infections, viruses, and parasites, and this realm is currently purging itself of that which plagues it. ☀️? So what’s causing global warming? The Sun(s) and the Light of the Sun people. If you can’t take the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen.. ☀️???.

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Kacey Cal Cooper III (Prof. KhepeRa Cairo El) is a Metaphysician, Author, and Naturopath from Dallas, Texas, who’s dedicated his practice to the reconstruction of cultural consciousness. With an extensive background in a linty ancient mystery systems, and modern physics, he professes the merger of the occult, and scientific worlds with the re-fashioning of linguistics, and the inner-standing of invocation and ritual. The purpose of his work is to implement a form of “Spiritual Alchemy” by reformatting our psychology, and connecting us back to