How To Choose A Title For Your Copy


How to choose a title for your copy. Rather it’s for a book, a script or a blog post or any type of reading material for that matter. It is the most important part to creating content to read. The Title is what will initially sell your read. It is what makes a potential reader pick your book up or open up your script. The title should grab the attention of the potential reader. Making them want to stop what there doing and at least skim through.


Lets get to the more technical steps into How To Choose A Title For Your Copy. The first I will point out is short. You don’t want a super long title that doesn’t fit well in urls or too that you can’t tweet it. Social media is one of the main ways to market your work. So you want to be able to fit the urls within the frame of each social media platform. Next is easy to enunicate. If your title is too difficult for poeple to pronounce it may cause them not to connect with your book and choose another title to purchase. 

Choosing A Title

Making the title easy to remeber will benefit you especially when it comes to marketeing. Most good reads come as referels and the eaier the title the easier it is to remenber to tell a friend about it. The title of your book should also give the potential readers a clue to your books genre. Your book title should incluse keywords that describe the most imprtant person thing or idea in your story.

Your cover art and title should work with each other to enhance the effect of your cover. If the image you choose for a cover does not compliment your title you may loose potential readers. Remebr images are 6 trillion more powerful than words so it is important that cover reiterates what the title says. so, how to choose a title for your copy?

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