How to Stop A Manifestation You Don’t want

Stop A Manifestation

You want to stop a manifestation You don’t want? I’m pretty sure most of you reading this post are familiar with The Secret and manifesting. But, for those who are not, allow me to get you up to speed really quickly. Manifesting is when your thoughts and feeling are in alignment with each other about a specific thought. Even if it’s what you don’t want.

Those thoughts expand like a magnetic balloon attracting all and everyone that is needed to make it a reality. For instance, if you are focused on what you don’t want the energetic waves from that thought is interpreted as a command to manifest, with no regard or understanding that the thought is not what you want. Some times a negative manifestation can destroy your life.

How to Stop A Manifestation You Don't want

When you find your self in a situation that you didn’t want, and you say to yourself, “I knew this would happen,” you are exactly right! You have manifested what you didn’t want. Today I come bearing the gift of knowledge. Just like you, I’ve looked up and found myself in some ish that I didn’t want. It’s very hard to always think and be positive, I mean let’s face it most of us have been taught and lived the majority of our lives Thinking or on guard for the negative to occur. It becomes apart of our natural thought pattern.

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Stop a Manifestation

You create your life and just like you can manifest you can un-manifest. You are the creator of your world. In order to un-manifest, you must be aware of your thoughts and feelings at all times. Un-manifesting requires for you to catch the thought as soon as, or shortly after it occurs. When you have a thought and you realize it isn’t what your wanting I want you to follow the steps below.

  • Take a deep breath
  • release the fear of, (thought) by being in a relaxed state and commanding the thought to cancel
  • Trust in your power to cancel what you don’t want
  • Never question if it’s canceled
  • Dis miss the thought and don’t think about it again

Just like you trust in your ability to create you have to trust in your ability to uncreate. You must ultimately change your thought pattern by getting to the root cause of why you think the way you do. But until you completely change your thought pattern you have the abillty to cancel your thoughts as you see fit.