Money Can Buy Happiness

Money Can Buy Happiness
Money Can Buy Happiness

What if I told you money can buy happiness, would you believe me? I was sitting here thinking about all the blogs and videos I’ve made in the past about how money can’t buy happiness and now I’m here telling you it can. I am grateful for my ability to be opened minded and allow the expansion of my truth.

I use to convince myself that I didn’t need money to be happy when I didn’t have it. But, it wasn’t until I began to live a financially stable life that I realize I was wrong. Happiness is a sate of being, the state of being is the overall physical condition of a person. it depends on what’s happening. Happiness is a feeling that is activated by the action of pursuit. You can Read a complete Case Study about Can Money But Happiness?
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Money & Happiness

I went to a meditation group while on my spiritual journey and at the end of the session the spiritual preceptor ask if anyone had any questions. I did, I asked him if he was financially stable. I could feel the annoyed energy from the elders because of my question. It was a very important question, his answer would determine if I would continue to study with him or not.

It’s always interesting to hear the so-called spiritual people speak about money not being important. My thoughts are how do you even connect to a spiritual vibration when you are stressing over basic needs. We live in a financial system and everything we need requires money. The lack of money will result in the cells entering a state of stress. Once your cells become stress they loose oxygen, meaning they lower in vibration/energy. when this lost of energy happens the cell are unable to connect on a spiritual vibration.

Having the money you need to take care of your basic needs are very important. Money affords you the ability to focus on your spiritual well being. The journey into the self requires your attention. And, it is hard trying to meditate when every sound you hear you are in fear that it’s the repo man. Having money to take care of the things you want and need produces a feeling of happiness. Money can buy you happiness and although happiness is a temporary feeling it is the gate way to a more permanent feeling and that’s JOY. But, I ain’t the one to gossip!

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