Daily Visualization & Manifesting

daily manifesting and visulaizing


Manifesting is a state of creating on an energetic level whatever it is you are desiring and watching it apear in the physical. I know most of you have heard of the book The Secret. In my previous blog titled 4 Things The Secret Left Out I break down the successful manifesting process and the core things needed to know in order to successfully manifest.  One of the key things in manifesting is being sure. To be sure is narrowing down exactly what you want to a solid definite. Once this is accomplished there are a few exercises you can do to feul your manifestation with more power. One of those exercises  is Daily Visualizations.

“if you can see it,

you can be it “

Daily Visualization

Now, when you want something really bad you can’t help but think about it all the time. It probably occupys you mental space randomly through out the day more than anything else. When those thoughts occur what you want to do is immedialty in that moment invision yourself receiving whatever it is you are wanting as already done. Since images are 100x’s more powerful than words this exercise will give your manifestation the power it needs. Once you have done this it is safe to go back to your regulay sceduled program. An example of Daily Visualization is,in the moment of the thought you instantly picture it as already done. Let’s say you want to be ¬†Film Director. As soon as that thought comes I want you to picture your self filming a big movie, getting an award for directing a film, but veiw it as if it is happening now.

Seems simple right? it is, but dont force it only do it when a natural thought of your desire or dream appears.