The Scales of Balance: Your Inner work Reflects Your Outer work

The Scales of Balance

The Scales of Balance : When I first started my spiritual journey I was very interested in the finacial state of the person who I choose to teach me on a spiritual level. I have heard the most so called spiirtual people say that money is evil and it’s not needed. We live in a time and space where it cost money and to a degree money is a neccesity even when dealing with the spiritual aspects of things.

I’ll tell you why. As your on your spiritual journey you are lifting your vibrations. Your cells are getting more oxegen then ever the body is constantly tranforming. I know your wondering where does money fit into a spiritual journey. Well, just as you are lifting your vibrations on your spirtual journey you are still living in real time and space. You will still be faced with things that challenge your spiriutual practices. Finding The Beauty In Death

YOur spiriutal level should 

reflect your finacial level

The Scales of Balance

Why does money matter? Well, we need money if for nothing else we need it to maintain every day living we need it live. What happens when you have a bill like rent thats due and you don’t have the means to pay it? Now you can go meditatate and tell yourself that your not worried. The moment your eyes see that eviction notice your cells begin to lower in vibrations. The longer you are without the ability to take care of what you need the cells become so low that they can’t even connect to ceratain spiritual vibrations.

Creating balance

In every great book it is written that we shall flourish in abundance. So just as much as you focus on the spiritual aspect of life you must also focus on the finaacial or material aspect of life. And I say this because it is important to have the things that you need like money to pay your bills and feed yourself so that you can focus on your spiruataulity. You can’t be so high spiritually and stressing finacially. Stress will alter the vibration of the spiritual plane.