How To Find Your New Room

find a new room
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The Old Room

The Old Room: I know you all have heard the saying “If your the smartest person in the room then,you need a new room” Well, a few days ago I found myself in a slight down state. It was mainly because I feel all alone when it comes to blogging and writing. I layed in bed slightly turning to see the time displayes on the clock which read 4:00pm and then it hit me. I was feeling stuck, and I had no clue how to move to the next level when it came to blogging. I’ve read all the how to’s you could think of. I’ve searched the type of sites looking for bloger groups. I found a few writter meetups and they were ok but they wasn’t anything close to what i needed. What I realized laying in my bed, it was time to move out of the old room. That’s right, I needed a new room.

If you are the smartes person

in the room,you need a new room


The New Room

I went to a meet up that I found where other bloggers would be. It was nice but no one in the room knew anymore than what I already did. And actually I was far more advanced then they were. That’s when it hot me “I Need A NEw Room.” Yes, I was the smartest person in my room and that meant as far as this room goes the growth stops here. I’m ready to be the least smartest person in the room. I’m ready to learn and take what I love – to the next level and in order for me to do that I must learn more than what i know. It is through your circles, and envirnment that affords you growth. It is those you connect with that teach you different ways to grow. You take all of what you learn from others and you mold it into your thing.

There is always a need for growth and you must be able to determine when that is. Never stay in the room too long it will hinder your ability to go to the next level. Don’t get caught up in the feeling of every one needing you because you are the smartest one. Don’t be afraid to elivate to your new room. You ain’t heard it from me cause, I ain’t the one to Gossip! also check out 3 steps to catching dreams