The Break Up|Will He miss you?


The Break up:I’m starring at my friend slumped over the couch crying her little heart out. Last night she caught her man red handed cheating on her. I’m here for her as much as I can be.But we all know there’s nothing I can do or say that will make her feel better. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t say something to at least try to make her feel better. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, ” he’s gonna miss you when your gone.” She smiled, wiped her face and said, ” you’re right.” Truth was, I wasn’t sure how right I was. 

It’s the thing we say to our friend during a heart break. What makes me unsure of that statement is I was the heartbreaker in my previous relationship. I was the one that caused the pain and when my ex was finally sick of my shit he left. The next relationship I got in, let’s just say it was karma central in the beginning (lol). I went through it and although times were tough I did not miss my ex. Truth was I didn’t miss him then and I don’t miss him now. Although he was good man, there has not been a time where I sit and think “Damn, I miss him.”Moral of what I’m saying is we think because we leave someone for hurting us that they will miss us. But you have to ask yourself, Will he really?

The Break Up
The Break Up

The break up lies we tell ourselves

I think we tell ourselves and our friends that to make them and us feel better. At the end of the day maybe he will miss you but then again maybe he won’t. But what does it matter. Why does the need to think someone who hurt you will miss you. Would you want them to, why do you care if they do? Why is that the thing that we must tell ourselves to feel better about us leaving? I don’t have the answer to any of the questions that I just asked but as much as you want to believe that you will be missed. There is a chance that he won’t miss you no matter how bad the next situation is.

But, I ain’t the one to gossip!

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