Black Women Self Publishes Book Titled: Delete All That Shit!

Black Women Self Publishes

Black Women Self Publishes a title most of you are familiar with. It’s the vine video titled Delete All That Shit that went viral. It was of a little boy yelling “delete all that shit!” to his sibling. Well, self-published author Aja Wolfe is here to show you how to delete all that shit out your life. Aja is a writer and full timeĀ Reiki Thereapist.

Reiki is an healing modality used to help remove blockages from the seven main energy centers know as the chakras. Aja has been servicing clients in the Atlanta area for over 5 years and has created a formula to help those who seek change obtain it. She has made this formula available in her new book titled Delete ALL That Shit.

What Did This Black Women Self Publishes ?

Self Publishes
Delete All That Shit

The formula inside her new book assist you with identifying the programs and their root causes that may be stopping you from living the life you desire. Programs such as procrastination and Low self esteem that your subconcious has created due to your life experiences.

Experiences that could have been subtle enough to miss. This book will help you delete the unwanted programs and strengthn the ones that are working in alignment with the life you want to obtain. “I’ve watched this formula change not only my life but the lives of my clients as well and there is one simple rule and that is Knowledge has no power unless applied” says, Aja Wolfe.

If you have some things you need to delete and if your anything like me then I know you do. Don’t hesitate to grab your copy of Delete All That Shit!and start your journey now. The book also comes with a workbook journal so that you can do the work cause like the author said, “Knowledge has no power unless it is applied.”  Submit your story