Willpower and positive thinking

more than will power

Let’s talk about how willpower and positive thinking are the best for your life

willpower and positive thinking

The More it takes

The journey to the life you desire may seem very difficult, you may find yourself looking your self in the mirror ready to give up not understanding where or what went wrong. You have the will power you were told you needed, constantly staying positive repeating those positive affirmations. I too know exactly where you are because I was there. I am very happy to be able to enlighten anyone on their journey of success and let you know that it’s going to take more than willpower and positive thinking. You must be thinking that Money Can Buy Happiness, But my answer is NO…

I searched desperately for the piece of the puzzle I was missing despite even knowing what that piece was. I read tons and tons of blogs but most of them said really nothing but the same ole same ole “think positive” Let nothing stand in your way. I’m thinking by that time, Really? If it was that simple to one day wake up and possess willpower and positive thinking to be successful hell most of us will obtain it. So as soon as I was at a level of my life where I felt like I was at the start of my success then I would share a blog and hope it leads everyone to the same place. When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Are you Ready?

The million-dollar question is, are you ready? I had to ask myself this cause for me being ready was more than just positive thinking and willpower. believe it or not I was ready, finally! Now being ready for me was addressing any issues that may be holding me back even the issues that I didn’t know existed. It was time to get to the root cause. I won’t make this a blog about my experience but I will display a kinda sort of my blueprint and hope it works for you.

I had an issue with constancy and a lack of confidence which are two of the main things needed when being successful. Let me say this the two work hand and hand with each other. So The first thing I did was created a weekly schedule something simple with a simple task. One of my main tasks was to make my bed every morning.

No matter if I was running late I made my bed. See this may seem very childish but I’m telling you when I came home every day no matter what happened in the outside world when I got home that bed was a reminder that not only did I do something right, but I was becoming more consistent.

That was the first thing on my schedule that I made sure I accomplished and let me tell you 3 years later I still make my bed. The next thing was I got myself on a gym schedule now don’t get me wrong when I first started working out everyone laughed cause looking at me it didn’t appear that I needed to be in the gym, but I knew that in order to build my confidence I had to feel good about myself inside & out. Once I began to work out it moved me to a healthy eating place I was feeling better than ever. But there were still some inner issues that needed to be addressed.

The Major Change

So after doing the outer work, it was time for me to do some inner work. So I knew that habits good or bad were programmed in the subconscious. The trick was to un-program the bad ones. The ones that were keeping me from the wonderful life I so desired. Now I searched and searched but like I mentioned earlier on in the article “when the student is ready the teacher will come, and voila! Now what I discovered was that meditation aligns both conscious & Subconscious minds to be in sync with one another so that they are working towards the same goal. Now meditation may be very difficult if you are a beginner but let me say this I found a small technique that will get you started it will only take 4 minutes a day of your time and that is Candlelight meditation.

The Candle Light Meditation

willpower and positive thinking

First, you will need a tea light candle, keep in mind this only takes 4 minutes out of your day. Light the candle and stare at the flame for 2 minutes (set a timer) examine it as if your life depended on it. Once the timer goes off, blow out the candle and immediately close your eyes. Setting the timer for another 2 minutes. You will see the flame silhouette appear just focus on it no matter what focus on keeping it centered. That my friend is a 2-minute meditation, what you have done in those 4 minutes was manipulated the mind to go into a duh state. Remeber meditation is when there is absolutly no thoughts, the mind is in a duh state.

willpower and positive thinking

I still do the meditation till this day, although I have increased it and no longer need to use the candle you will find that this will help to not only re-program your subconscious but allow you to become in control of your emotions.

The Biggest Change of them all

Most don’t realize the greatest thing that keeps them from reaching the financial free life they desire is Their relationship with money. Yes, your relationship with money, how you feel about money and your thoughts about money. See I use to think I needed money and what that did was cancel money out. I hated paying my bills and every month either I had just enough or not. But I’m here to tell you what worked for me so it can work for you.

Now the first mistake I made was I needed money, when in fact money needs me to move. See money is an energy it flows that’s why they call it currency changing your mental mind state about money will definitely change your position and put you right in the midst of the flow. Now about paying bills, the biggest mistake was as I was paying them I was being in a negative space, complaining about paying them only signaled to the universe that I didn’t want to be able to pay them.

Once I adapted to this new relationship the money just began to flow. Now, this newfound relationship came from a book I stumbled across or shall I say the teacher has arrived it called…………….

The Magic Of psychotronic power

willpower and positive thinking

I recommend anyone who can relate to this post to grab this book off amazon. This book is not a book you just read but it gives you exercises to do to get you on track of creating new mental habits. Remember knowledge only has power when it is applied. And like always