What are you spelling?

casting spells

What are you spelling? Everything is energy; energy is vibration; vibration is frequency. All of our thoughts and words have their own frequency and we are magnets, which means that whatever frequency we send out, the Universe sends back to us; this is how we create our own reality. Right Or Wrong Way to Parent?

Language is, therefore, a very powerful tool in your manifestation toolbox, choosing to craft particular phrases to focus and set your intention for what you wish to manifest into physical reality. Hence, the term ‘spelling’ is derived from the knowledge that words cast spells.

Knowing this, have you considered that every time you speak, you are essentially casting a spell? This is why it is so important to pay special attention to how you speak about yourself, your life, the world, and others.remind the question What are you spelling?

For example, if you are struggling with a difficult task and in frustration, you say “I can’t-do it!” What do you expect to happen? You are telling the Universe that you cannot do it and at that time dooming yourself to failure until you change your mindset. When we are in a negative mindset we can literally curse ourselves with our words, by speaking about ourselves in a derogatory way.


When you speak, try to speak in a loving way. Whatever you think, decide to speak about it from a positive point of view, with love. If you can do this consistently, you will see how much your life improves as you begin to see the good, and the Universe sends better back to you.

Casting The Spell

Start out by ‘taking a moment’ when you are stressed, having a bad day or feeling anxious – before you speak, take a moment to consider if what you are going to say focuses on the negative and if it does, find a way of speaking about the positive instead by maintaining a more balanced, objective point of view – just pause before you speak rather than launching straight into a moan or a rant.

An example from my personal experience relates to social anxiety. I am an empath, which means that I feel other peoples’ energies intensely, which could be very unpleasant and overwhelming for me before I learned to protect myself and transmute negative energies. I am also an introvert.

So, when I was faced with social situations that would lead to feelings of anxiety for me because for example I was surrounded by lots of people or absorbing negative emotions from others, I might say things to my partner like “I can’t cope with this” and “it’s too much”. What I could have said to avoid perpetuating those feelings of anxiety was “I just need to take a minute to recharge my batteries” and “there is a lot going on here at the moment isn’t there”.

A common example of people cursing themselves relates to personal appearances, such as people saying “I look so fat” or “I hate my stomach”. What they could say is “I’d like to lose some weight” or “I would prefer my stomach to look…”

It really is as simple as changing your focus. Once you recognize the power of your words you can start to make the changes you want in your life. It is a matter of empowering yourself and looking for the lessons rather than feeling like a victim and being hopeless.

You are a Creator Being and have the responsibility for what you send out into the Universe; send out love.

I love posting relevant content from other amazing bloggers and today’s credits go to the amazing Lorelei Emerson