What is reiki? Reiki In Hospitals

reiki in hospitals

 Reiki in hospitals.The past few years Reiki has pushed it’s way into the hospitals and I am here for it.  But I do have a few concerns. Let me first say that I myself am a Reiki Master and take my healing art very serious. This is not just my profession it is my everyday lifestyle.

Being a Reiki healer means that I have a responsibility to myself and my clients to maintain a high vibration. As energy passes through me like a conduit. It is not negatively effected or lowered due to my negligence of not maintaining and living by what I am preaching. Now, don’t get me wrong I am excited that western medicine has publicly recognized  Reikis ability to heal. It has now began to incorporate Reiki Therapy in facilities all over.

A Thought That Heals

My concern with this is that they are recommending RNs to become certified Reiki Practitioners which is fine. The reason that concerns me is, as a Reiki practitioner you are required to practice on yourself which is level 1 for 6 months to one year. Before being qualified to work on others, and this step is a very important step because it is allowing you to experience first hand the benefits of Reiki.

Also, the ability of clearing out all of your unbalances. To then put yourself in a position to be a healthy and balanced conduit for energy to travel through. Now with skipping this step this will mean that the energy will be passing through a chaotic system. With the possibility of or almost with guaranteeing the lowering of vibrations before it even reaches the client. Meaning it may be able to do more harm than it will good.

So, if a nurse is not properly trained and take Reiki serious means that it will not do as much good as it intended to do. There is also a process of acupuncture which is comparative to reiki for brief description click here.

Reiki accepted in hospitals

I love the fact that Reiki is now being accepted in hospitals but I think that it should be a contracted service to Reiki Practitioners that take this art of healing very serious. Yes anyone has the ability to channel Reiki but with that ability comes responsibility.

This  is a responsibility of the Practitioners to be taken very seriously. Click here to learn about the benefits of Reiki.


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