Quickest Way To Boost Your Immune System

boost your immune system

Boosting your immune system during Covid 19 pandemic is very vital to your well being.

How do you know if your Immune System needs to be boosted? One of the ways to know if you have great immune health is monitoring how often you have a bowl movement. This is important because the Immune System is a cluster of cells that is located In the digestive track. So, if you are not having regular bowl movements then you may have a not so strong immune system.

Your Immune system is the defense system against disease. There are two sub-systems of the immune system and they are Adaptive & Innate which is the most dominate. This system recruits immune cells to sites of infection. It also promotes clearance of antibodies and dead cells. Helping to remove foreign substances present in the organs, tissues blood and lymph by specialized white blood cells. The Innate immune system also acts as a physical and chemical barrier to infectious agents.

The Adaptive Immune System also know as the Acquired Immune System eliminates pathogens by preventing their growth. The acquired immunity creates immunological memory after an initial response to a specific pathogen, and leads to an enhanced response to subsequent encounter with that pathogen. This Process of the acquired immunity is the basis of vaccination. It is highly specific to a particular pathogen unlike the Innate immune system. It destroys invading pathogens and any toxic molecules they produce.

What Will Help Boost Your Immune System

Since 70% of your immune cells are housed in the walls of your gut then its safe to say the quickest way to boost your Immune System is to focus on your digestive track. This means eating the rights foods that contribute to cleansing the gut. Since Covid 19 showed up more people have been focused on building up the immune system which I think is great. But these times can also Make it hard because there isn’t much to do but go to the kitchen 4 to 5 times a day and eat comfort foods.

So since you’re already in the kitchen why not boost your immune system. Boosting your immune system will consist of you eating thing that promote great digestive health.

My Daily Immune Booster Routine

I always, always start and end my day with a shot (1.5oz) of Elderberry syrup. Elderberry is a powerful plant! One of its main functions is to boost the immune system. Elderberry fights and protects the body against bacterial and viral infections as well as reducing the symptoms of a cold or flu. The powerful fruit also has natural diuretic effects and promotes bowel movements which is vital to our system. It is very high in antioxidants and is a high source of vitamin A which makes it great for the skin.

Now, accompanied with the Elderberry I take Sea moss! I take a tablespoon in the morning and the night. One of the main benefits of Sea-moss is that it promotes digestion health and since 70% of the immune cells can be found in the digestive track this will quickly help to boost you Immune System. Sea-moss feeds good bacteria to your gut. The amount of iron that is in sea moss is very significant. Because Sea-moss is sticky and full of fiber similar to chia seeds this allows the colon to function better.

I don’t eat any solid foods before 12noon or after 8:30 p.m. The reason is that from 8:30pm till Noon your body is eliminating toxins out of your system. You can drink liquids or even light fruit but consumption of eating solid foods disrupts that process and forces the toxin back into the system. Elderberry syrup and Sea-moss can be very expensive if you buy them retail. However, the recipes are very easy and it’s less half the retail cost to make them yourself. Sea-Moss and elderberries can be found at your local farmers market or health food store and online.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

maintaining an healthy Diest is very important as well. There is one rule that sticks with me and that if it’s with it ain’t right. That goes for white sugars, rise, flour, bread etc… I found that eating a slow card with a fast card and a protien help to promote good digestion heath as well. because this food combination brings balance by helping the Body keep what it needs and gets rid of whats not needed. Exercises is also essential you don’t have to be a work out Guru. But your body does need to be worked to get your blood circulating. So doing something as light as power walking will help.

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