Money And Spiritual Evolution

Overhead view on black letters carved on small wooden blocks spelling wealth or health on wood table surface

Anytime someone puts money and spiritual evolution the same sentence people start to look weird. You know how people always say “I wish I would have known this when I was younger” Well, I had one of those moments today. I‘m currently doing a 20 day raw (no cooked foods) cleanse. It’s day 3 of 20 and it’s going pretty well. I have just been taking this time to reflect and today’s reflection was realizing where I am on my journey. Also how long I’ve been on this journey and how many different times I have done this cleanse.

But this time it was different. It wasn’t the same struggle. It wasn’t even a struggle at all. I’m feeling really good and confidant these days and that got me to thinking, what was so different this time. Then it hit me. This time was not only easier but I was more focused on my spiritual journey than I had ever been before. After about 10 minutes in deep thought scanning both the present and the past memories. I realized this time I was financially secure.

Unlike before, this time was a breeze. I was really enjoying this journey. The reason was this is the first time I have been on a spiritual journey and was financially stable. I noticed it really made a difference.

My dad you to always say to me get to money while you’re young and still have the energy. And for the first time it made all the sense. As mentioned in my previous blog money can buy happiness. It is very hard to be able to really embrace and focus on a healing journey when you are having money problems.

The Affect Money Has

Overhead view on black letters carved on small wooden blocks spelling wealth or health on wood table surface

Money problems are not just not being able to get what you want, but not having the means to get what you need (the basics.) Money plays a very important part in your spiritual evolution. Most people over look that. They have been told that money is the root of all evil. But forgetting that we live in a time where you need money to live.

The connection between money and spiritual evolution is that, when you are unable to pay for the things in your life you begin to stress. Stressing about how you are going to get things done. When stress enters the body it reduces the oxygen/energy levels in the body and the body begins to not only get ill but vibrate on a very low frequency.

Spirituality vibrates on a very high frequency it is the divine Consciousness and in order to connect your vibration must be able to reach that frequency. When stress is in the body it is has severely decreased the energetic vibration making it almost impossible to reach a spiritual vibration.

They Need Each Other

Money puts you in a place where you can breathe and not be stressed. So that your vibration may reach a spiritual vibration. Your spiritual journey will require money for you to buy the things needed for your journey. Rather its books, crystals, diet change, or counseling you will need money. Don’t count money out cause it is needed for you to focus on your spiritual evolution. It’s almost like in this time and space you can’t have now without the other.

Money has allowed me to focus on my spiritual evolution better than I ever have before. Because, I’m not worried about money I am able to really focus. Paying for what ever my spiritual journey requires. So don’t count money out it’s needed for your spiritual evolution.