Life is Simply Responding to You

karma response

Life is Simply Responding to You. Let me first say my truth may not be your truth my law may not be your law and that is perfectly ok, However the things I am about to discuss may hit home for most but allow this blog to stimulate you enough to seek your own truth. I say this because most of us don’t have a clue what our own truth us but we will be ready to go to war and battle another person’s truth. My writings or my truths comes from my ideology of life and what it is for me I’m not a part of GROUP THINK i encourage all to journey out and see.

Life is Simply Responding to You

Today we  are going to focus on ” LIFE IS NOT HAPPENING TO YOU IT IS RESPONDING TO YOU”  for some you know what i mean for others slow me to dumb this down as much as possible for you. You know i always say this one particular saying before i start just so that you can follow the read…… Ask a high priest who is GOD ” always has been always will be can not be created or destroyed” Ask a high scientist what is energy ” always has been always will be can not be created or destroyed” In every great book GOD states we were created in it’s like form.

Well, when you break the human body down what are we? Yes!! you guessed it! nothing but energy. Ok now that you are following and we are on the same page for the most part let me tell you what I mean when I say LIFE IS RESPONDING TO YOU!

What we know about the universe and energy (that we all are) is the energy doesn’t allow 2 people that are not vibrating on the same vibration to occupy the same space What does that mean? Case and point, what it means is if I have a strong passion about something meaning my thoughts and feelings are in alignment with each other. Then I can manifest that very thing. Please keep in mind that it doesn’t matter whether you feel strongly about it. Because you don’t want it or if you feel strong about cause you do want it. The only thing that happens is those signals or waves are sent out into the universe and those others who are in alignment with that vibration at some point will come to share the same space.

Life is Simply Responding to You

Law Of Attraction

That right it’s the simple law of attraction, let me give you an example for those who may need one. So i wake in the morning and before i can get out of bed good my phone rings with an unpleasant call, or let’s just say i wake up in a funk i need to go handle some business at the bank and in my mind I’m thinking ugh i don’t want go i here and they better not give me no problems today because every time i come it’s some mess i really can’t stand this branch but it’s the one i have to go to. Well guess what?

There is a teller that ran into some things on her way to work that changed her mood now she is feeling like ugh these customers better not give me no crap cause I’m not in the mood i don’t want to be here at work any way.

Now there are other pleasant people at work but because you two are vibrating on the same vibration guess what you are going to get EXACTLY! her and all hell will break loose. Now had either party switched up their vibration or even just one the drama could have been avoided but because like attacks like that’s what you will get.

Life is Simply Responding to You

There has been a lot going on in the world especially with Black people being gunned down by police for unjustifiable reasons. The question that’s asked a lot is AM I NEXT? I hear a lot of people talking about change and what needs to happen and marching and protesting. (remember this is my truth) well a lot of us who desire this change think that it needs to come from an outside source. They feel as though these marches and simply sticking together can defeat this energy that has been around for a while. We are just fortunate enough to be able to record, see and hear about it now that the internet is Poppin. The truth of the matter is none of those things will work without this one simple thing and that simple thing is most of you that desire this change can indeed make it happen but the change has to be directed inner first why do you ask? Think about this if everyone who wanted change became it them whole just like that we would have it for everyone who desires peace if they became it we would have it.

But no one is becoming  what they want in fact most of us out there don’t even know our own blood type. I know I know you’re like Heal what does that have to do with us being killed? or making a change? It has everything to do with it. Here you have a body you have been carrying around your entire life. You sleep with it every day. Wake up with it hell, it’s the only thing that is guaranteed to be with you till you leave here. Yet you know so little about it. So that means you know very little about yourself. This, in turn, means you have little to no control over your thought patterns. More than likely you serve your thoughts instead if your thoughts serving you.

Control The Mind

Always remember the mind is the only thing we have 100% control over but it;s the thing we control the least. See the mind can be a beautiful servant but a horrible master. So the question are you next depends on the vibration you allow your thought to vibrate on. I know some of you will say well who would be thinking of getting killed by a cop?

I would say to you a lot of us don’t know what we are actually thinking and manifesting in our own lives because we are not in turn with that part of ourselves we think LIFE IS HAPPENING TO US but it’s actually RESPONDING TO US. I know I know but one day when it’s your time to get what I’m saying it will all make sense. Women, Self-Esteem Key to Rebuilding A Nation

We have a conscious a sub-conscious and an un-conscious and guess what they are all creating and manifesting thoughts that we are not aware of even if the thought is a hidden fear and until you align all three consciousness together you will have no clue what you are actually manifesting (meditation will align all three together) plus let’s not forget another key factor KARMA not being positive or negative just being what you put out you get back.

We also have previous lives and experiences with those we come in counter with….. but that will be a continuing blog for tomorrow that will focus on the karmic response to previous lives.

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