Learning To Trust Others


What is trust? Well just like you I have had my share of trust issues. Yesterday I was scrolling on tik tok and I came across Sadhguruji video where he talks about trust and he says ” Trust does not mean that someone has to behave the way you expects them to behave, trust means whatever they do it’s alright with you.” He goes on to say that if your trust is what you expect them to do then it is an imprisonment. Trust should empower people not limit them. Your idea of trust is to hold them to a way that you want them to be.

To Trust Others

How to trust

How many times have your trust been broken? Hell, how many times have you broken someones trust? When you think about it trust was only broken because they didn’t behave how we expected them to and visa versa. The moment a person doesn’t respond or act as we think they should then our trust is broken. Trust is about trusting people to be exactly who they are instead of who we want them to be. So i’m learning to understand and trust people to be who they are.

I believe in order to be able to trust others you have to first trust yourself. Trusting yourself is harder than it sounds. It requires you to first be real with yourself. Trusting others requires for you to be real with yourself about who they are. Not the potential you see in them or who you desire for them to be.

MY Conclusion

What my healing journey has reveled to me is to focus more on trusting myself. Trusting myself enough to know that I will be able to heal from anything that comes my way. Taking the power away from people.That’s why in order to trust others you must first trust yourself. These days i’m putting all my trust in myself and you should too. Stop giving everything and everyone so much power over you. No matter what this life journey brings I trust that I will always overcome and prevail.

But, I can’t really tell you whats best for you. I can only share what has worked for me.


The Healing Writer