Teaching Children and Teens Meditation

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School Replaces Detention With Meditation And Results Are Amazing

This is by far the most amazing thing i have ever read all day . So there is another article i came a across and you know from time to time i like to share what i have found even when it’s not my original content. Apparently there is a Baltimore school that has replaced detention with meditation and the results are through the roof, which of course makes my heart smile.

Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore sounds like the best school ever. Why? Because there’s no such thing as detention at the Baltimore Elementary.

Yep, you heard that correctly. Instead they have a Mindful Moment Room, a brightly colored “oasis of calm” that looks about as far as you can get from the windowless detention rooms typically used to punish unruly kids. It’s part of an after-school program called Holistic Me, an initiative that teaches children to practice mindful meditation and breathing exercises while encouraging them to talk to behavioral professionals. The program works in partnership with a local non-profit called the Holistic Life Foundation, and the results so far have been pretty impressive. In fact, since first taking part in the program two years ago, Robert W. Coleman hasn’t issued a single suspension. Click here to see the full artical .

Why teach children and teens to meditate


Before we talk about the how, let’s examine the why meditation is important and  what is it’s ultimate goal?  First to start meditation is to put the mind in a complete duh state meaning there are absolutely no thoughts. Meditation allows for one to truly seek with in and unlock the hidden secrets of self. Meditation also allows for one to become in control of one’s emotions as well as align the consciousness  together which is very important when creating the life you desire why? or even how? you ask. There are 3 consciousness the unconscious the sub-conscious and the conscious all in there own way manifesting there own agenda based on the emotions that lies with in each. What meditation does is align those 3 together so that they work on a common manifestation and the path is clear to what you are creating in your life. Although there are so many more benefits to meditating I will just touch on a few. Meditation helps you focus, promotes positive energy and allows you at will to switch from positive and negative in an instant. One of it’s main benefits is it cleanses the heart to a very high vibration of love, the love most of us doesn’t know exist. Meditation will give them a better sense of self and through self realization which will promote and project love and peace for others.

How to teach children and teen to meditate

Some adults find it very hard to meditate while children believe it or not may be able to go into meditation deeper and sooner than most adults. The reason for this is because children may not have 35 years of thought and negative experiences but what ever the case i always start off with the infamous Candle meditation below i will list the steps to help you not only meditate but sit and teach your children to meditate so that they may reap the benefits as well.

the thing you will need

  • a quiet space
  • a tea light candle
  • lighter
  • timer
  1. Sit in a comfortable space with legs crossed and spine erect.
  2.  Take a few deep breathes with stomach expanding on the inhale and deflating on the exhale.
  3. Light the tea light candle and set the timer for 2 minutes examine and stare at the flame till timer sounds.
  4. Blow the candle out set the timer for another 2 minutes this time close your eyes the flame will appear focus on the flame till timer sounds.

you can increase time each week by 4 minutes.