How To Plan To Win

How To Plan To Win

Plan To Win I ain’t the one to gossip, but I over heard Tonya talking to Ray her little brother saying how Mrs. Lulu was really upset with him. Ray had a look of confusion on his face as if he really didn’t have a clue why. Really Ray, after the conversation you and Mrs Lulu had your really gonna look at me like your lost, Tonya said. What is reiki? Reiki In Hospitals

Ray was just standing there as if he really was not interested in what Tonya had to say next. Man, gone with all that Ray replied, I ain’t got time to hear that I have my goals together I know what I want out of life unlike some poeple. Yap, shots fired and Tonya was the target. Word on the streets Tonya changes careers as often as wokers change shifts.

Now, why he went there i’m not sure but, being the bigger person Tonya didn’t even feed into the shot. A goal!? you were suppose to have a plan Raymond there is a difference, a Goal is a target in your head in the form of a mental construct. Whereas, a Plan is something in writing where the target is captured or externalized, so as to allow it to be executed, Tonya said as irritatingly as possible. Body language wise ray was still in a space where he really didn’t want to hear it but he knew that it would just make Tonya keep going and going like the energizer bunny so he took a seat and gave her his undivided attention as if he was really intereted in what she has to say.

PLan To Win

In a very mothering calm like voice Tonya said “Ray, you have been very inconsistent lately and you talk about these goals all the time and thats the problem, your all talk no action”. That lady, Mrs Lulu is really trying to help you Plan To Win. Now, the look on ray face just got real Tonya was calling him out, hell around the neighbirhood we call him Mr no bite, she was right he talk a good one but doesnt follow through with nothing. I get it Ray, that’s why i’m on your back like this.

I want you to win, but in order for that to happen you gotta follow Mrs. Lulu steps. First you make the plane in detail then you create yourself a realistic schedule of execution where you have days and times designated for cause of action. The reason why the schedule aspect of it is very important is because sticking to a strick schedule will make you create the habit of consistancy.

The routine of the schedule creates a repetivness that then creates habit and habit births consistancy and everyone knows consistancy wins the race. Ray, looked at tonya and said “sis i really appreciate you your right and i’m going to start listening I promise.” Ray got up and huged Tonya as if he was loosing her forever, it was the cutest thing cause you never really see them two being all lovey with each other. But you know something yall, that Mrs. Lulu really be dropping some jewels.


  1. Write out your detailed plan out
  2. Create a schedule that will assit with the execution of the plan
  3. Stick to that schedule no matter what, it will create the habit of consistancy