How To Overcome Procrastination

overcome procrastination

Procrastination is not taken as serious as it should be. It is the very thing that stops a person from living the life they desire, most people write it off as nothing friends joke about it, but it is a very serious illness beside it’s connection to depression, procrastination  is a cancer to the entire being of a person. Let’s take a closer look at procrastination.

Here is a situation that is very real in my life I always wanted to sing for as long as I could remember everyone around me knew this. I would sing for a few months I mean really be into it then something in me would discourage me and I would do something way off course. Like open up a random business and convince myself that this will be just as satisfying as living my dreams. Somewhere in the middle, i would get stuck and completely off trail again I started to realize this pattern was more often than it needed to be. Focusing On One Thing Can Provide Multiple Streams Of Income

Procrastination: Could it be hereditary

I needed to journey back cause somewhere in my life i felt as if i either got this through DNA or there had to be an event that may have occurred that ignited this procrastination. But what i was looking for i didn’t find, i was looking for a very dramatic event that may have taken place in my child hood.

But instead three years after this search, I’m on the phone with my mom and auntie and I asked my mother’s mom when I was younger what did you think i would grow up and be? My mom replied “interior decorator ” I was livid I asked her how she come up with that. my aunt interrupted and said “NO! we all knew she would sing even all my friends knew that.

Then it hit me my mother didn’t notice my talent so at some point in my life it made me feel as if i was good enough to do that to which I was so connected. I wasn’t upset with her, I get it she was still trying to figure herself out and she didn’t ignore my desire on purpose.

I was happy to finally get some progress towards eliminating my procrastination illness and having an idea of what may have contributed to my illness. But my answers didn’t stop there now my Father was a drummer and a singer (go figure) and of course he choose to do something other than what he loved to the point you couldn’t pay him to sing or drum. Ah HA!!!!  Because of this i worked through what was binding me to procrastination.

The Journey


My Journey Finally lead to healing has come and i was super excited i felt like i have discovered a part of me that i had no idea existed, it all made sense.

Now whats next, i thought i needed to do some real planning and i did. I had to become way more organized than i ever did before and it was because i got to the root cause of my illness. See sometimes in life the things that hold us back may very well be the subtle things that have occurred that we have dismissed or overlooked and finding those things are much well needed.

How do i know if i am a Procrastinator?

,Do you make up excuses to why you can’t start or finish things? Do you spend most of your time thinking about doing something and just simply don’t? If you answered yes then you are a procrastinator there are a few exercises that can help. Below is a really good link to different things to do to get you on the path to consistency. So download it and give me your feedback on what you think. Remember it’s your choice you deserve to live the life you desire.

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