How to manifest with time. Well, the short answer is you don’t ever want to manifest with time. Time is a restricts the manifesting process because time doesn’t exist. This is a concept that is really hard to grasp. That is because your entire life you have been taught that times was one of the most important factors of life.

In order for you to fully be able to over-stand you must be willing to forget everything you have learned about time. The only thing that exist is the now. At this very moment the past no longer exist and the future hasn’t been created yet. That leaves only the now also know as the present.

Manifesting With Time

How Manifesting Works

Many of you are familiar with manifesting and the basis around what it is. Many don’t grasp the concept of hot to actually get your manifestation to materialize. While manifesting sounds simple it isn’t that easy of a task. One of the first and most important steps to manifesting is connecting emotionally to the thought. Once you connect emotionally to that thought you must maintain the same connected vibration hieghts. When you throw time into the equation it can easily fuck up the entire process.

The thing about manifesting is time doesn’t exist. There is no time or eta on the arrival of the manifestation. It happens at the very NOW moment. When you focus on time you drop the vibration that was created the manifestation. Time causes anxiety, and depression when you are expecting something to arrive and it doesn’t. Essentially pausing if not canceling out the manifestation all together.

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