How to Make Money From Your Movie Before Filming It.


How to Make Money From Your Movie Before Filming It. Being a creative writer is a gift. Writers have the most powerful and creative minds. But starting a career in writing isn’t easy. I mean you could get small to large writing gigs such as white papers, junkmail etc.. But that’s not exactly fufilling to a creative writer. As a writer we all have dreamed of sharing our creative ability to the world. White papers and other copy just doesn’t fit in. Most creatives would love to see their writings in motion picture but don’t have a budget for it. But, what if I told you that you could still get your movie out there and make money.

Like you, I desire for my work to one day make it to the big screen with me as the director. But how? I was speaking with one of my collegues and she was tellimg me that she can’t focus on writing because she needs money and what she said got me thinking. How do I make money off my film if I don’t have the means to shoot it and promote it? Well, As I’m thinking about it dawned on me.

Some Of The Best Movies Started Off As Novels First. riter

Let’s take harry Potter, Missery or even Stella Got Her Grove Back all started off as great novels and turned into great motion pictures. Writing a novel is way more cost efficient then getting a budget for a screen play. With companies like amazon you can get your book out there to the world with little to no upfront cost.

How to Make Money From Your Movie Before Filming It

Turning your film into a novel and pushing it will allow you to make money. It will help you get your story out there and create you a customer base for it.

So What Are The Steps To Creating Your Novel

As mentioned in my previous blog 5 Easy Steps To Self Publish Your Book creating your book isn’t as difficult as it may seems. Turning your movies into a novel gives you a few different options on how and who you wish to speak to the reader. This is known as narrative Techniques. There are 4 different Narative Techniques that we will go over

The first will be Flashback this is when the main character jumps back and forth between events in the present in the past and present to tell his/her story. Flashbacks are a useful storytelling technique when told in a way that you don’t confuse the reader. The next technigue is Foreshadowing, this technique in my opinion is good for an adult narritive because it may use clues that are so subtle that young readers may miss. In forshadowing the writer will give clues to the audiance of future events by using dialog and symbols.

Third Person Omniscient is when the writer creates a story using third person without the use of an explicit narrator. The Omniscient is aware of everything that is happening and can describe any scene at any location and knows what the characters are thinking. Third Person Omniscient also communicates directly to the readers. The last one we will cover is Dual Narrative this is a technique that uses two perspectives to tell a story. This techique gives readers details about an event. One character may provide details of a scene from the inside while the next character can give additional details about a scene

Writing Is The Hardest Thing A Writer Must Do!

Writing Is The Hardest Thing A Writer Must Do!

Once you have chosen how and who will tell the story to the readers you must write it. Yes! writing is the hardest thing for us writers to do. Getting the story out of our heads and on to the paper can be a challenge. But, once you’ve done that it’s time to think about the size you want you novel to be. There is a self publishing site call diggypod and they offer free downloadable templetes for any size book you can think of. The templetes works well with word and pages.

The next step will be getting the cover design if you have the creative ability to do it yourself then that good if not Fiverr is a great place to go for an affordale grahic designer. which ever route you choose make sure the cover represents what the book is about but still leaving a little mistery. The cover is very important cause it can make a potential reader pick up the book or buypass it. Edit, print and BOOM! your movies is now ready to be read and imagined by all who reads it. BUt, the coolest part of it all is you get to make money off of your work!!!! Yap payed book sales, and that my friends is how to make money off your movied before filming it….. Put it in book