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Dreams… There is so much content on the web about what dreams mean and how to interpret your dream, when in fact the only one who can interpret the dream is the actual dreamer. Now i heard that before, but it wasn’t until last night i fully understand why the dreamer is the only one that can interpret the dream.

I had a dream last night that i remember everything about now all of my dreams are not like this usually i forget but today i even woke up and went back to sleep and the same dream continued. I dreamed i was looking for a new condo and in the mist this lady ask me who was my stylist and i said “i dressed myself'” she then offered me a job at a clothing store then i walked in but like most of you have experienced the moment i walked in the store and the dream changed.

I was then in the company of a few familiar face one person said to me i don’t follow your Instagram because its too positive, i was in a room when i saw a dog laying down next to a person that appeared to be bitten by the dog but the dog never moved i told this random guy and he replied ” okay but you! you need to say back” so i went in this room to close the door it was like i was in a small room there was a bang at the door when o opened it this viscous dog was staring at me barking ready to attack.

Of course i didn’t want to get bit but i wasn’t scared either so after a few seconds i said to the pit bull fuck it come on i put my arm out there and he took a bite.

He was a cocky little thing i felt the masculine energy so i knew it was a male dog. But the funny thing is i walked down the hall (with the dog still attached to my arm) climbed on the stair rail and banged his head till he let go,he fell and kept trying to attach me but eventually he stopped. But he attacked other people in the house so now i’m back in this room but the door has a see through glass this time so i see him chasing and biting everyone else they are running and hiding he just looks at me and keeps going.

While i’m standing here i see a baby about 1 years old i’m thinking to myself oh shit! i gotta do something. Meanwhile the dog is walking around the baby as if he is looking for the proper way to attack i run out grab the baby and run back in the room and close the door after that a man with no legs walks and picks up the dog and everybody leaves and i wake up.

So that brings me to my next thing i woke up and immediately started to google what my dream mean while it was still fresh on my mind, now i found that dreaming of a pit bull could mean an enemy is out to get you…. depending on what color  the dog was but non of these seem to resonate with me after spending 3 hours searching.

So i decided to write it all down and really get into what i was feeling in the dream because the feeling is what will lead you. My interpretation with this dream was different then what i had found. I think people more so write about there experience which is fine it gives you a guide line but you have to write it down and walk yourself back through it.


What I came up with

So my interpretation of my dream is this let’s first start with the vicious pit bull which to me indicates there is a situation and/or person that means me no good and what the dream tells me is don’t worry i’m not as afraid as this person or situation expects me to be. the fact that the bites weren’t deep means what ever it is won’t effect me as bad and the baby represents something new that it’s trying to destroy but i grab it and protect it and it can’t be harmed. The fact that the pit bull just looks at me and not try to attack me no more let’s me be sure that what ever it is once i face it and show my fearlessness i will win. I also payed very close attention to how i was feeling and i felt secure safe and sure.

Now i could not have found that on any internet, but since i was able to write down what i remembered and take my self back i was able to interpret. My point here is that only the dreamer can truly interpret the dream everything else is just a guideline all the answers you seek is within…

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