How To Control The feelings Inside

controlling inner feelings

For a minute I thought that I was crazy and sometimes I still question my ability to control the feelings inside. I know when I say “Control the feelings” you may be thinking for instance:stopping myself from getting mad. But this post is not quit about controlling your anger but activating the feelings you desire. Having your mind be your servant.

Controlling your feelings can only happen when you are in control of your mind. but,how does one become in control of their mind? The first step in taking control is becoming aware of your thoughts. Aware of when your overthinking or in a negative thought space. Your thoughts are your responsibility.

Most Of You Control Your feeling And Don’t Know It

We all have been in a relationship before and felt like the person we were with was the one until we felt different. Just think for a minute how much in our head we are when we meet and like someone. In your mind you have created a thought around the life you are desiring with that person. That thought then produces a feeling, which belongs to the thought and as soon as the thought changes so does the feelings. I realized this in my early 20’s that I could not only control my feelings when I want to but I was the one creating the feelings.

Feelings come from within they are activated Once we accept the thought(s) we are having. I have a friend that suffers from anxiety. And what I noticed was when she is feeling like her anxiety is kicking in she makes no effort to control or stop it. It’s like she surrenders all power to control. She has even told me that there is nothing she can do. But what us anxiety? Is It not a feeling? Not only is it not a feeling but it is a feeling based on the thought process of what MAY happen.

I too have a mild case of anxiety (which I think we all do to some degree.) But, when I feel that feeling coming I take a moment and gain control of my thought and start to breathe and just like that it’s gone.

How To Control Your Feelings


Like I mentioned before to control your feelings you must learn how to control your thoughts. Controlling your thoughts consist of being aware at most all times of what you’re thinking. Once you are aware of your thoughts you must ask yourself is this what I want? Will this thought produce a feeling that I want to experience. And if it doesn’t then you have a responsibility to yourself to immediately cancel out that thought.

Yes! you can change that thought in an instant and stop it from producing a feeling you don’t want. I know we are taught that others people make us feel. The truth us we are the only ones that make us feel and we feel according to where are thoughts are. Feelings are not giving to you by others or situations. Your feelings are rather activated by you because of what your thoughts surrounding the person or situation.