How to become Consistent in an Instant


Become Consistent in an Instant: Today i want to talk about a issue that i myself use to find a little challenging. Yes!!!!!!!!! CONSISTENCY so i have been battling with being consistent all the time even with what it is i love now that was a big problem let me tell you why. Have you ever heard the term “consistency is Key” well it is, it is one of the many important keys to success, and here is why.

When you become consistent with something you make it a habit, you do it so much you become it you project that energy out and people start reacting to you in a way that creates a need for what you are doing(it’s all about energy) energy attracts energy so if you are let’s say you have a product and you are really into and believe in it then that energy projects out and others are then attracted to you and what it is you are doing, but before you get there consistency has to become natural and worry not you can make it automatic in your life and i tell you how

Become Consistent in an Instant

First let me tell you how it happened for me. So i was in the process of moving got my keys on a Friday but i had to work my only 2 off days were Saturday and Sunday which meant back to work on Monday and with me getting my blog off the ground there was no way at all i could live out of boxes for the next few weeks.

So I set a goal and I said to myself I said SELF we need everything unpacked and put in its place by Sunday 6 pm. But first, let me tell you how this went so the movers never showed up Yes! I was livid, so I was still determined to stick to my original plan and even that didn’t stop me.

So I got up and went to go get a truck and a dolly and Baby it went down from there. I’m not sure where all this ambition came from but this was the first time in my life that I was super determined to stick to the plan and that meant doing whatever I had to do to make it happen and that’s what I did. All my friends were at work or busy my maintenance man only helped me with the mattress and the headboard.

The Key

I was on a time schedule at the new place had to be moved in by 2 pm. it took me from 7 am till 12 noon to be done at the old house so by the time I got to the new house I only had 2 hours to unload. My home girl came by and when I tell you we unloaded that thing and was done by 2:15…….NInja We Made it!!!! (lmao) but we did. Now it was time to get the little stuff that I hate so much but still, i got a day and a half left not only to move the stuff but to have things put up.


What takes place when you become consistent?

Long story short I met my goal by 6 pm Sunday night and it felt amazing, from that moment on the feeling of me accomplishing my goal was everything and I was addicted. From that moment onset a goal I reached it even if it was as simple as finishing a book by a certain day once I started creating this habit or pattern I became more consistent and I said all this to say don’t beat yourself up about it.  But the desire to do something different or change the way you move must take place just make the conscious decision to start to finish what you start this is key for those desiring to become successful you must understand that consistency is key and will always be.

I’ll tell you what ! you produce a very strong energy around what it is your are consistent with and that energy projects out and grabs those who are on that same vibration case and point if you are into lawn care and you are consistently cutting grass or at the home depot or just giving out cards you project out that energy attracts those who need your services or those who can enhance your services. So think about it like this as you indulge consistently in what you desire to do your thoughts in alignment with what you love PA– — USE!!! i say what you love because that really will be what drives you to become consistent you must love what you are doing cause if not you will never be able to take it to it’s highest level possible. So look at it as you are commanding this thing to work for you abundantly. Once you get this you will see how easy it is to be in the flow of currency.

Allow the money to flow to you and rest in your hands!!!