How Important Is Romance

Importance of romance
Beautiful loving happy afro couple dancing in modern restaurant. Celebrating St Valentine's Day

How important is romance? Some say I’m A hopeless romantic. But I’m not hopeless I just require romance. This makes me question a lot of relationships. As a Therapist, I have had the opportunity to service couples married and not married. I found that not only do they lack chemistry but in a relationship, there can’t be any romance. I’ve also met couples that have it without them saying a word. you can feel the chemistry falling off of them. So, again is romance important? Or can you have a great relationship without it?

My answer would be no. Many couples just tolerate each other, and it burns me when they call me a hopeless romantic. I wanna be like, no your relationship is just hopeless. Romance is about expressing love and dedication in an intentional way. Being deeply affectionate. Being romantic involves creating a sense of passion, anticipation, and excitement within the relationship. Often times I hear “he’s just not romantic. Romance isn’t something that you learn it is something that is sparked by the love you have for a person.

Romance is the key

Let’s talk about love. They say intense chemistry is the kind you feel when you’re in love with someone. Often that chemistry fades and neither person understands why. It fades due to a lack of romance. It is the romantic experience between two people that strengthens that chemistry and allows those intense feelings to last. When a relationship lacks romance it becomes boring and you begin to feel like your partner has changed. You start to search for something new to spark the feeling. Now, some may say that feeling isn’t supposed to last but I’ve seen people who never lost it with each other.

Do you know how you hear people say their partner just doesn’t do the things they use to? Well, that’s the romantic things they did in the beginning to get you. In my unpopular opinion, that should never stop and it shouldn’t have to. There are a lot of people that are not with the one they really love and that’s the real romance killer. They don’t have a desire to be romantic. They rationalize in their minds why they should stay with this person and the reasoning is never just straight love.

Where there is no true love there is no chemistry and when the chemistry is absent there can’t be any romance. So, on a scale of 1-100 how important is romance? I must say 10000000.