Can Environment Trump Zodiac?

Zodiac Trumps environment

When It comes to love the first thing most people consider is the persons zodiac sign. They run to the zodiac calculator as if it is the law of relationships. But has it ever occurred to you that maybe environment can trump zodiac. There is so much more that goes into zodiac other than the month and day you were born. Place and time makes a difference. When a person is born at a specific time and place the stars are uniquely placed.

So, can environment trump zodiac? Let’s consider a few things about what happens when you are born. Outside of the planets aligning in a very unique way, your chakra system also begins developing. Each month brings a new chakra development, as these multifaceted energy centers are being developed your subconscious is storing and recording energetic experiences. This record keeping starts the moment the sperm sparks the egg.


What The Chakras Record

During this time of fetal development environment plays a very important role. The environment that mom is in during the entire gestation period can alter not only the chakra system but the personality traits of the zodiac sign. For instance, Have you ever met, lets say an Aries and thought they didn’t act anything like an Aries you read about? Have you ever considered all the other Aries you have met could have been out of sync with their zodiac due to environment? I get this all the time when people ask me what my sign is. Once I tell them I’m a gemini they always tell me that I don’t act like a gemini.

Let’s be clear environment isn’t always a negative. Take me for example the two faced never the same gemini. My environment taught me how to have full control over the gemini twins.

Can Zodiac Predict the Perfect relationship?

My answer would be no. Just because it says that two people are not compatible doesn’t mean they aren’t. Understanding your mates zodiac and birth chart is a must. But, just because google says that you are not 100% compatible doesn’t mean the two of you can’t have a very romantic loving relationship. When you meet that person you will know.

The energy between the two of you won’t be able to be ignored. So don’t depend solely on what you read in a book or on the inter-webs because that too is just someone else’s perception. Take a chance and get to know the person. Try to understand them by observation. We all want to take the shortcut to love but sometimes the longest journey is the most beneficial.