7 Yoga Postures to Keep you Chakras cleansed

Juiceing for the chakras

Yoga Postures to Keep : Cleansing your chakras may seem like a very complicated task especially if your new to chakras and this amazing energy that flows though your body. But worry not I have the perfect solution for you a few simple postures you can do every morning to keep this energy in alignment. Now when we talk Yoga Postures most people get worried, and they worry cause in their mind they think that yoga is about attainment when in actually it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Chakras Hold the keys to Financial freedom.

I once use to feel that way, there was a time when I wanted to take a yoga class but I just couldn’t build up the nerve to do so. I didn’t want everybody to see how stiff I was but I was so determined to learn yoga I decided to read about it first.  I am so glad I did because that’s when I discovered that yoga was not about attaining the postures it was so much more than that.

Postures to Keep


So as I was learning  more about what the yoga postures benefits when I came a cross this book called the Handbook of chakra healing  by Kalashatra Govinda now this book gives you a step by step on how to improve your Chakra healing and it’s also provides a break down of the Chakra system itself, I call it the chakra bible (lol).

Chakra Yoga consists of physical postures and techniques for breathing, relaxation, and meditation. The Techniques of chakra yoga promote the flow of energy in the subtle body and nourish the chakras and relieve them of blockages. When energy circulates freely through the astral body and the chakras, this leads to positive effects on one’s physical body as well as the psyche.

The benefits may include strengthened immune and circulatory systems, healthier organs,inner peace and tranquility, and spiritual clarity. Below is 7 easy yoga postures to help keep the chakras balanced and remove any blockages that may be present.

Yoga Exercises for the Chakras

  • Chakra 1: (Root chakra) Sit on the floor on your heals. Place your hands flat on your thighs. Inhale and flex spine forward in the pelvic area, then exhale and flex backwards. Repeat several times.
  • Chakra 2: (Sacral chakra) Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Grab your ankles with both hands and deeply inhale. Flex the spine forward and life the chest, rotate the top of the pelvis back. Exhale and flex spine back pelvis moves forward. Repeat several times : Posture 2  Lay back on your elbows with your legs stretched in front of you. Inhale and raise legs with feet apart. Exhale  and cross feet, inhale and open feet, Exhale cross again repeat several times.
  • Chakra 3: (Solar plexus) Sit with legs crossed, grasp shoulders with fingers in front, thumbs in back. Inhale and twist to the left, exhale and twist to the right. Breathe deep and keep spine straight. Repeat several times and reverse direction Posture 2: Lie on your back with legs together and raise the hill 6 inches. Raise the head and the shoulders 6 inches, point to your toes with your finger tips with arms straight. In this position pant through your nose 30 times then relax for a count of 30. Repeat several times 
  • Chakra 4: ( Heart Chakra).Sit with legs cross, lock fingers in a bear grip at the heart center with  elbows pointing out. Move elbows in a seesaws motions breathing deeply with the motion. Continue several times.
  • Chakra 5: Sit with legs crossed with hands on knees. Keep arms straight, inhale, and shrug your shoulders then exhale and push shoulders down. Repeat several times  
  • Chakra 6: Sit with legs crossed lock fingers in bear grip at throat level. Inhale and hold your breath then squeeze your abdomen and push energy up. Exhale and raise your arms above your head holding the bear grip. Repeat several times
  • Chakra 7: Sit on your heels with arms stretched over your head. Interlock fingers except for the 2 index fingers, which you will point straight up. Do 30 fire breaths then relax . Repeat several times

*if you need to see the actual pictures feel free to email me I’m always here to answer any questions. Always remember nothing is to big or beyond your reach as you create in thought you create in reality


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