#1 Manifesting Hack That Works

manifesting hack

This #1 Manifesting Hack restores the frequency of a manifestation by focusing on the energy in motion (emotions.) Our emotions has a direct affect on rather or not our manifestation materializes. It is what fuels the magnetic response of the thought. Every time your emotions lowers in frequency with what you’re manifesting it stagnates the Process by slowing down if not canceling out the materialization. Thus making it harder for you to materialize your thought.

Emotions are nothing but energy in motion. Just as you can slow down a manifestation you can speed on up. The connection between your thoughts and your emotions is what jump starts the manifesting process.

Throughout your journey in life there have been ups and downs. Meaning sometimes you’ve experienced a high frequency and sometime you may have experienced a low one. No matter the frequency it all belongs to you and you have access to them

Life frequency

Hacking The Manifesting Process

Your past experiences belong to you and you can access those experiences when needed. We use our past experience all the time without knowing. Most of the time when pull from our past it’s usually triggers which will lower th present vibration.

Today I’m going to teach you this manifesting hack that will allow you to refuel a manifestation that has become stagnant. To do this we will pull from your past experiences, the positive ones. what’s a stagnant manifestation and how did it become that way? Let’s say for instance that you were manifesting more clients for your business. During the initial process your thought, emotion process was really strong. A few days has gone by and you wake up and feel as though getting new clients will never happen.

What you’ve done was pressed pause or stagnated the materialization of your manifestation or thought. As easy as it to pause your manifestation its is just as easy to unpause it.

The Hack

What you want to do is sit in a quiet space travel back in time to a place in your life when everything was going great. A time when you had what you wanted money was flowing and clients were inquiring and booking and love was in the air. Take a few deep breathes inhaling and exhaling very slow. Pull that feeling into the now space. Eye shut slow breathing until you can feel the energy shift.

Now think about what you are manifesting while harnessing that energy. Once your full and you can feel and you have the thought in mind take one last deep breath and let it go. After this the goal is to only focus on doing the work or as I say keeping the energy in motion around what you are wanting.

This hack is apart of the Alpha State Manifesting Technique to learn more about this technique click the hype